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20 Hour Prenatal Yoga

Teacher Training

Training will be held:

August 24th 6am-10pm

August 25th 9am-6pm

August 26th 9am-6pm

During the training, students will learn all about proper poses, do’s and don't's, sequencing, breathing techniques, female anatomy, facts about the birth process in the United States and other countries in the world, nutrition, and the body-mind-soul connection of mother and baby while also exploring their own journeys of birth, motherhood, and parenthood. These students discover ways to teach classes that are mostly all-levels. Most importantly, they learn that the focus of prenatal yoga is for the mom to get in touch with her body, connect with baby, learn how to breathe, and practice using all those tools so the mom-to-be can apply them on the big day of giving birth.

Prenatal Yoga Training is open to everyone who has interest in the miracle of life and who wants to learn evidence-based facts on yoga and birth. “This course is for EVERYONE who wants to know and learn all the important things about how to guide pregnant moms through yoga, preparing them (or yourself) for pregnancy, labor, birth, life, and more! This course will give you so much to take home and to share with your community!”


The training will be led by Gila Shire:


With a 14-year background in nursing, Gila always loved to work with people. After she moved from Germany to Phoenix in 1997, she became a certified massage therapist and worked with private clients, most of them regulars. When Gila was introduced to yoga, her life gained a dynamic new dimension. In 2002, she began her training with Martin and Jordan Kirk, and registered with the Yoga Alliance. Since then, Gila has been teaching in the Valley at several yoga studios and with private students. In spring of 2007, she completed Inner Vision’s advanced 500-hour yoga teacher training program with Jeff Martens, Kat Myers, Aaron Goldberg and Michele Dante.Gila is also certified through Judith Lasater as a ‘Relax and Renew’ teacher, specializing in restorative yoga.

As a seasoned teacher, alignment and the healing/therapeutic approach are key elements of her classes (especially since her own experience with back injury), accompanied by thoughtfully chosen themes, music and readings.
“I love to guide people to combine the beauty they bring to their mats with the wisdom, knowledge and inspiration of yoga.”
Gila’s classes are designed for all levels to meet the individual needs of the student, providing space for growth, soulful exploration, holistic networking and community.

Gila’s latest endeavor as a doula brings everything she learned over more than 3 decades into full circle : her years of hospital & nursing work , the natural birth experience of her daughter Talisa in 1991 (which got her onto the holistic path ) and her passion for health & life. Those are all valuable tools she offers to women to support them at their most unforgettable, sacred & natural event they deserve: giving birth which is a true celebration and can be embraced as a rite of passage.


Due to the nature of Ms. Shire's work as a doula as well the possibility of the training having to be rescheduled should the need arise. Babies work on their own schedule and we never know when they will decide to arrive! If this happens an alternative date will be given.


 Investment $375

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Celebrate Equinox at the Wellness Center

"We are stars wrapped in skin, the light we are seeking has always been within". Rumi

Set powerful intentions, relax with a brief verbal meditation then be swept away by the vibrations of the singing bowls, gong and other healing instruments.  As the sound enters and travels through our bodies the frequencies bathe each cell vibrating our whole being!  Sound and vibration are ancient forms of healing that allow us to deeply relax, rest and recover from the stress we carry through daily life. The best way to truly understand the power of sound vibration is to experience it by immersing into its healing frequencies. 

All that is required of us is to relax and breathe. You may lay down or be seated in a chair.  Please register in advance.  Bring water and refrain from wearing fragrances.