What do I need to know before my first yoga class?

What class is right for me?

Most yoga classes are a combination of breath, strength and flexibility training, based on different styles of yoga. If you’ve never taken a yoga class before, we recommend Yoga Foundations or Gentle Flow Yoga as a first-time class. Yoga Foundations is an introductory class explaining the different poses and gives you a solid foundation for building up to more challenging classes.


What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothing that allows fluid movement but is not too loose.  This allows the instructor to view your alignment and assist you in adaptations if needed.  Women typically wear athletic or yoga clothing, tank tops and leggings.  Men typically wear athletic shorts and T-shirts.  It’s recommended to wear formfitting, supportive underwear.  Due to specific yoga poses, loose boxers and shorts are not recommended.  Yoga is practiced barefoot.


What should I bring to class?

Bringing a container of water to each yoga class is strongly  encouraged.  It is recommended that you bring a small hand towel and a yoga mat.  Yoga mats are always available to rent for $1 per visit.


Do I need to come early for my first class?

Yes, you will need to complete initial client paperwork and sign a waiver prior to starting your first class.  Please arrive approximately 10 minutes before your first scheduled class in order to allow time to complete the required paperwork.  


Do I need my own blanket, block or other props?

No, the EWC yoga studio is stocked with an abundance of clean, state-of-the-art props to enhance your practice.


Is it okay to eat before yoga?

It is best practice to perform yoga on a relatively empty stomach.  It is recommended that you not eat approximately 1.5-2 hours prior to the start of your scheduled yoga class.

Yoga Etiquette

Sign in:  

Please sign in for class on the Mindbody app, online or at the front desk of the EWC prior to the start of your scheduled class.  Being mindful of signing in prior to the start of class ensures that our amazing yoga instructors are paid appropriately for each class.

If you use our convenient App to sign in for class you do not need to check in at the front desk before class starts. If you pass by the desk, just let us know you’re already signed in. Also, if you sign in online or with the app and find that you are unable to make it to class, please be considerate and cancel online or call the EWC to let us know.

Late for Class:  

If you arrive late, please wait until the opening meditation ends before entering class or walk in quietly, sit down and join the meditation without unrolling your mat and disrupting the stillness until the meditation has ended.


Cell phones:  

Please silence (no vibration) or turn off your phone before class. If you forget and your phone rings during class, please get up immediately and turn it off and return to your yoga mat silently.



Please remove your shoes before entering class and leave them on the shoe rack outside the yoga studio door. This honors the yogi traditions as well as improving the cleanliness of the yoga studio.


Leaving early:

If you must leave before class ends, please be considerate of the others who are still focused on their yoga experience. Please leave prior and do not leave during the group’s Savasana or final meditation.


Injuries or Pregnancy:

If you have an injury or condition that could affect your practice, please inform the instructor before class starts so they are best able to offer you suitable modifications for each pose. Please notify the instructor if you are pregnant to ensure that the instructor offers suitable modifications to your yoga poses so that injuries do not occur.


Class Level:

Our classes are designated for ALL ability levels and do not require a significant degree of familiarity with the poses and do not require that you have excellent stamina, strength or endurance.  Regular yoga practice will improve your ability levels in all areas.  Assume a class is all levels unless otherwise noted.  Please alert the instructor if you feel you are a beginner so they can best adapt, modify and assist you into proper positioning to give you the basics to grow into any class level.


Respect your neighbor’s space:

Please do not step on your fellow yogi’s mat. It is considered an infringement of their personal space.  Should this occur, quickly and quietly move your body away from your neighbor's mat.


Not feeling well? Please do not come to class:

If you have a cold, cold symptoms, or are feeling under the weather, please do not attend class and put your fellow yogis at risk.



Please ask at the front desk, call 623-986-5110 or complete our Contact Us form.