Prenatal Consult


45-60 min at The Wellness Center in Goodyear

A prenatal breastfeeding consult can be done anytime during your pregnancy. Amey will take a complete health history as well as answer any questions and concerns that may impact your breastfeeding journey. A breast assessment can be done as well.

This consult is recommended if you have any of the following:

-Difficulty breastfeeding a prior child

-Low milk supply with a prior child

-Breast/nipple surgery

-Flat or inverted nipples

-Health issues

-Hormonal concerns such as insulin dependent diabetes, history of PCOS or infertility

-Pregnant with multiples


In Office Consult


1 1/2-2 hour consult at The Wellness Center in Goodyear.

This consult includes private visit in my office. Amey will conduct a full assessment and medical history of the mother and baby pertaining to the birth and breastfeeding. Amey utilizes HIPPA compliant (privacy protected) electronic medical record to keep all medical history and assessment private. We have a hospital grade scales that can be used to weigh the baby before and after a feed. Amey will observe a feeding session, please make sure the the baby has not had a full feed right before the appointment. During the session Amey will also will work on positioning and latch.
Each client will receive a breastfeeding care plan and written instructions. Some topics covered on the plans can include newborn care, safe sleep, tummy time, baby wearing among other topics

Amey is also available for 2 weeks after the consult, including a privacy protected chat option through the electronic medical record program. The Wellness Center is able to provide a superbill with diagnostic codes that can be used to file for possible reimbursement. We take any form of payment including check, cash, credit/debit cards, HSA, and flex care cards.


Follow Up Consult


In office at The Wellness Center

-Weight check

-In depth follow up, for current clients only

-Updated care plan

-Extends communication by 2 weeks, (there is a privacy protected chat option through the electronic medical record that will be used for communication)


Back To Work Consult


45-60 min at The Wellness Center in Goodyear

Transitioning from your prenatal leave to going back to work can be overwhelming. Amey can meet with you to help you create a plan for pumping and breastfeeding based on your work schedule and work environment.

Bring your pump and we will review your pump set-up and flange fitting, which is so important to maximize your milk output. We will also discuss bottle feeding a breastfed baby, milk storage options and safety.

(This visit does not cover breastfeeding assessment and assistance).